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Creative tendencies in the sphere of modern urbanonyms


The problems of urban nomination in linguistic-creative aspect basing on the materials of Tambov streets’ names of are considered. It is founded that linguistic creativity is subjected to realization of pragmatic language function as it serves to create informational base of urban onomasticon for human as a bearer of linguistic consciousness. The analysis of onomastic creative nominations must include the linguistic means themselves and concrete mechanisms which are used while nomination and not only pragamatic units of nominator. Within the framework of onomastic creativity concept it was found that the use of linguistic means while creation of onomastic units is reflected in artificial onomastic nomination. The sphere of nomination of linear urban objects (streets, squares, lanes, passages and etc.) marks different ways of urbanonymic conceptual derivation: objective, procedural, objective and mixed ways (object-objective, object-procedural and procedural-objective). It is proved that the use of generic name with the aim of naming linear urban object illustrates the specifics of language consciousness and forms of world acquisition (comp. the most widespread name of street in Israel – Olive Street). The characteristics of us-them with the help of neutral lexis having estimation (the typical metaphoric model vegetative world – urbanonym are used) is reflected in the semantics formation of vegetative urbanonyms.


urbanonyms’ semantics; linguistic-creative thinking; nomination

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