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Please meet poetonymology


The thoughts about ways of poetonymology development, interdisciplinary scientific direction, studying proper names in literary and art texts are proposed. The study is relevant because of connection with the development of onomastic researches in the world and because of the principal novelty of theoretical postulates which state poetonymology not only as an heir of literary onomastics but also as a new stage of its development. The aim is to present to the readers the tasks of poetonymology researches as specific way of penetration not only in poetic manner but also in semantic aura of poetonyms forming in the functioning process in literary and art text, the features and abilities of proper names in generation of literary-artistic whole creation. The understanding of the term poetonym which is understood as a name in literary-artistic speech, which acts not only as obligatory nominative function, characterizing ideological and stylistic functions the lateral to real onymy with flexible semantics is proposed. On the basis of the notion of artistic work as lateral semiotic modeling system we can speak about poetonymy as about lateral system if it is presented in the literary work as modeling real system. The basic lines of theoretical changes of notions about poetonymy are shown. It is proved that every proper name in literary-artistic text is a sign of “factual” (meaning created with the help of writer’s imagination) existence of the marked object.


poetonym; poetonymogenesis; poetonymography; poetonymology; poetonymosphere

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