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A man and a natural world in the short stories of W. Borchert (“The Thunderstorm”, “Dear, Blue-Grey Night”)


The short stories of German writer Wolfgang Borchert, reflecting individual-author’s world view and containing the thoughts about a man organically interacting with the surrounding natural space are analyzed. The reasons of the writer’s creative interest in natural events are specified, ideological and poetological relatedness of the short stories considered (Das Gewitter (The Storm), Beloved blue-gray Night) to the anti-war prose of W. Borchert where cruel war life is counteracted to love of life, devotion to small motherland, spirituality of external (material) objects and things, sincere fascination with a girl (a young man) are considered. The specifics and ways of artistic presentation of natural images in correlation with psychological state of young characters are revealed. The hypothesis of research is based on the guess that during creation of “laconic natural sketches” W. Borchert had an idea of keeping balance in the world with the immediate participation of a man himself. The relevance is in the necessity of specifying and adding the already build scientific notions about problematics and poetics of small prose of the writer, the need in translation into Russian language and include into modern literary context the unknown short stories of W. Borchert, being out of the interest of philologists-scientists.


German literature; W. Borchert; a man and nature; artistic reflection

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1. Borchert W. Das Gesamtwerk [Collected edi-tion], with biographical comment from B. Meyer-Marwitz. Hamburg, 2005. (In German). 2. Borchert W. Allein mit meinem Schatten und dem Mond. Briefe, Gedichte und Dokumente [Alone with my shadows and moon. Letters, Stories and documents], eds. G.J.A. Burgess, M. Töteberg, I. Schindler. Hamburg, 1996. (In German). 3. Platitsyna N.I. Chelovek i voyna v maloy proze Vol'fganga Borkherta [A man and a war in the short stories of Wolfgang Borchert]. Tambov, 2009. (In Russian). 4. Borchert W. Die traurigen Geranien und Ge-schichte aus dem Nachlaß [The sad geraniums, and other stories], ed. P. Rühmkorf. Hamburg, 1962. (In German).



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