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Language peculiarities of legal text study in humanitarian higher educational institution


The analysis of study of language peculiarities of written and oral speech considering legal themes is proposed. They are very significant for modern lawyer. Language peculiarities of legal texts basing on the example of process documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a means of interlanguage communication realization are considered. It is proved, that the language of normative documents has unambiguousness, impersonality and lack of expressiveness, high standard, a lot of chunk of language and clichés. In the conditions of temporary widening international contacts the study of texts translation of legal documentation from Russian into native language is very important. It is established that legal texts take special place among other special texts, because they have validity, i. e. the ability to create definite legal consequences and be obligatory for the addressee. The students while work with legal texts (reading, retelling of the content, work with specialized terms, glossary, plans and questions for text) have possibility to work out the following skills: to increase the level of legal terminology mastering while reading and listening, improve the literate writing and speaking, to gain the basis of dialogues and monologues building, to learn to interpret the content of utterance and understand possible implications while work with legal and law documents.


Russian language; Kazakhstan educational space; legal discours

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