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Identity features of Olzhas Suleymenov’s poetry are revealed. Their content comes to actualization of inner form of the word in poetic text. The previously known works of the author which have significant meaning for the specifics’ study of formation and realization of creative conception of Olzhas Suleymenov are introduced in scientific sphere. The phenomenon of Russian language poet is considered from the point of view of conceptual worldview, formed within the framework of Russia, world and national cultures. Poetry of O. Suleymenov is very original, the almost imperceptible overtones of Eastland can be found in his poetic Russian speech. The poet is connected with traditions of oral Kazakh poetry, the roots of which reach the year dot. The great influence on О. Suleymenov made the acquaintance with creative heritage of the great poets of the Eastland Omar Khayyám, Saadi, Hafiz and etc. Metric repertory, rhythmic structure and rhythm in poetry of О. Suleymenov lead to the conclusion: using the traditional-folk forms of Kazakh verse, the poet arrange them to Russian system of versification. The attempt to reveal the peculiarities of poetic language of О. Suleymenov is made. It is not only in variety of exoticism, but unusual image-associative notions, coming from deep worldview, national-Kazakh worldview. Poetic language of О. Suleymenov reflects the general regularities of modern poetry. These are the so called cosmism of thinking, the high interest in the problems of time, its structure and essence, the change of notions about the place of a person in the world, the perception of mankind as of a part of nature, and the world in union with all the space and time, the intention to consider the history of mankind as a whole, contradicting, but complementary phenomenon.


poetics; image of fire; cult of fire; transformation of fire; poetic system; poetic consciousness

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1. Frank-Kamenetskiy I.G. Voda i ogon' v bibleyskoy poezii: otgoloski yafeticheskogo mirosozertsaniya v poeticheskoy rechi Biblii [Fire and Water in Biblical Poetry: Echoes of the Japhetic Worldview in Poetic Language of the Bible]. Moscow, “Vostochnaya Literatura” (“Oriental Literature”) Publ. of the RAS, 1998, pp. 623-665. (In Russian). 2. Shilkov Yu.M. Metafora i mifologicheskiy obraz («ogon'» i «voda» v bibleyskoy poezii po I.G. Frank-Kamenetskomu) [Metaphor and mythological image (“fire” and “water” in biblical poetry by I.G. Frank-Kamenetsky)]. Smysly mifa: mifologiya v istorii i kul'ture [Meanings of Myth: Mythology in History and Culture]. St. Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg philosophical society Publ., 2001, no. 8, pp. 717-745. (In Russian). 3. Valikhanov Ch.Ch. Izbrannye proizvedeniya [Selected Works]. Moscow, Nauka Publ., 1986, 413 p. (In Russian). 4. Suleymenov O. Poet krasivym dolzhen byt', kak bog… [Poet Must Be Beautiful Like a God...]. Almaty, Publishing House “Biblioteka Olzhasa”, 2012, 300 p. (In Russian). 5. Suleymenov O. Esse. Publitsistika. Stikhi. Poemy [Essays. Journalism. Poetry. Poems]. Almaty, 2016. (In Russian). 6. Slovar' russkogo yazyka [Dictionary of Russian Language]. A.P. Evgeneva (ed.). Moscow, 2010–2016. (In Russian). 7. Karataev M.K. Dym otechestva: ob Olzhase Suleymenove [The smoke of the Fatherland: on Olzhas Suleymenov]. Ot dombry do knigi [From Dombra to the Book]. Moscow, Sovetskiy pisatel Publ., 1969, pp. 391-397. (In Russian). 8. Suleymenov O. Interv'yu [Interview]. Pravda [Truth], 1989, 27 January. (In Russian). 9. Tumanova A.B. Kategoriya prostranstva kak osobyy komponent kontseptosfery O. Suleymenova [Category of space as a special component of the conceptual sphere of O. Suleymenov]. Materialy Mezhdunarodnoy nauchnoy konferentsii: «Tvorchestvo O. Suleymenova i voprosy natsional'nogo samosoznaniya» [Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference “Work of O. Suleymenov and Questions of National Identity”]. Almaty, 2016, pp. 113-118. (In Russian).



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