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Linguistic view of the world as explication of national way of thinking of Adyghe ethnos


The basic characteristics of the term “linguistic view of the world” and its connection with national-cultural sphere of a definite ethnos are analyzed. The basic aim of this study is the description of national way of thinking of Adyghe ethnos through the linguistic view of the world. The basic unit of Adyghe ethnic way of thinking interpretation of the concept ‘adygage’ (= “adyghe”) is significant for this linguistic culture. From the point of view of linguists adygage - is moral and ethic, legal and world view fundamental with norms and rules of behavior in all life situations, on which the whole philosophy is based on Adyghe existence. To analyze the conceptual characteristics, representing this concept the artistic texts of writers, being the bearers of Adyghe notion, were selected. To reach the set tasks, the different methods and receptions were used, among them the basic is conceptual, contextual, descriptive, quantitative and semantic approaches and also the methods of keywords revealing is used. The analysis of these characteristics shows that the concept ‘adygage’ in the author’s hypertext grows into superconcept, absorbing not only specific verbalizations of the studied ethnic mentality (such conceptual features as “djegy” (game), “adyge habze” (Adyghe etiquette), “ky'nac'estvo”), but also cultural concepts (‘native country’, ‘family’, ‘freedom’).


linguistic view of the world; concept; mindset; adyghe; conceptual features

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