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Actual methods of the text constructing in the modern West European novel


The current problem of changing the artistic paradigm in the modern literature and the resulting changes in the ways of organizing literary text. The aim is to identify the features of the current poetics in the modern Western European novel, in the description of the updated methods of implementation of the author's strategy and tactics. The specificity of palimpsest as an immanent property of non-classical text in the novels of S. Folks and B. Schlink, leading contemporary prosaic writers of great Britain and Germany, is proved on the basis of the conducted poetological analysis. It is shown that palimpsest is constructed either on the principle of agglutination, when the text is “glued” of relatively independent parts, each of which “shines” through the next (S. Folks), or on the principle of “stringing” of “plug-in constructions” on the main storyline (B. Shlink). The functions of “plug-in constructions” that reproduces the features of the ancient genre of the Odysseus myth, “stories”, memoirs, Victorian novel, magazine reviews, publicist articles, newspaper essays, etc., which interact with the main genre of the novel paradigm that identifies complex, multi-voiced and multivalue structure of the text are described. The interrelation of the poetics of the analyzed novels with the principles of non-classical artistry based on the accentuation of the communicative nature of art is substantiated.


Artistic paradigm; novel; non-classical artistry; “plug-in construction”; palimpsest

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