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The problem of the Impressionism in literature: historical and theoretical aspect


It is concerned the problem of the current problem of literary impressionism which requires a theoretical, historical and literary research, including the materials of specific authors, associated with different national cultures and different stages of literary development. The aspects of this problem that still preserve debatable nature are indicated. The goal and the objectives of the developed approaches description of the impressionism interpretation are implemented. Impressionism is interpreted as an aesthetic phenomenon based on the interaction results of the impressionistic phenomena in painting, music and literature. Conclusions about the importance of these phenomena for the development of the interpretive and mimetic (or imitative) functions of art are made. The interpretation of literary impressionism as a combination of subjective impressions of the world is offered on this basis. These impressions inform the text the increasing dynamic and substantially enrich the expressiveness of a word, consisting of the fixing of the instant changes occurring in the world: in the living nature, in the emotional state of a human and so on. The status of literary impressionism is defined as a specific characteristic of the writers’ creativity that can be associated with different literary trends and creative methods (realism, naturalism, symbolism, etc.), different kinds and genres (novel, short story, lyric poem, etc.).


problem of the Impressionism; Goncourt brothers; E. Zola; J.-K. Huysmans; artistic expressiveness; impressionistic techniques

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