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“Trotskyists”: literature and political farce and satirical means of its expression in the novel by M.A. Bulgakov “The Fatal Eggs”


The novel “The Fatal Eggs” of M.A. Bulgakov is analyzed. Its satirical vector is in a secret literary farce focused on L.D. Trotsky and his surroundings. The composition of farce and its borders of embeddedness in the text are defined. The connections with diablerie, mystery bouffe, political farce, which was done by Soviet propaganda in order to show “Moscow Trials” towards “Trotskyists”, are found. As literary references we use roman feuilleton “Moscow” by А. Bely and “Erendorf Island” by V.P. Kataev. The main place is given to playing peculiarities of the work, particularly, varieties of allusion – suggestive marking mode. We present the hypothesis of attribution of the novel.


farce; diablerie; allusion; grotesque; P. Scheffer; L.D. Trotsky; A.L. Parvus; I.P. Kolesov; L.G. Rabinowitz; Y.A. Yakovlev

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1. Kolchanov V.V. Tri lika novogo Mandro: obraz zhurnalista Stepanova i problema atributsii v povesti M. Bulgakova «Rokovye yaytsa» [Three faces of new Mandro: image of the journalist Stepanov and the problem of atribbution in the novel of M.A. Bulgakov “The Fatal Eggs”]. 19 Derzhavinskie chteniya: Institut filologii. Materialy Obshcherossiyskoy nauchnoy konferentsii. Fevral' 2014 goda [19th Derzhavin Readings. Institute of Philology. Papers of the All-Russian Scientific Conference. February 2014]. Tambov, 2014, pp. 49-56. (In Russian). 2. Kolchanov V.V. «Skvoz' magicheskiy kristall»: obraz A.K. Voronskogo v satiricheskoy povesti M.A. Bulgakova «Rokovye yaytsa» [“Through crystal ball”: the image of A.K. Voronskiy in satirical story of M.A. Bulgakov “The Fatal Eggs”]. Neofilologiya – Neophilology, 2017, vol. 3, no. 3 (11), pp. 61-74. (In Russian). 3. Kolchanov V.V. Katabasis kak satiricheskiy motiv v povesti M.A. Bulgakova «Rokovye yaytsa»: obraz professora Persikova v svete antichnoy, zapadnoevropeyskoy i russkoy tseremonial'noy magii [Katabasis as a satirical motive in the novel of M.A Bulgakov “The Fatal Eggs”]. Russkaya literatura XX–XXI vekov v natsional'nom kul'turno-istoricheskom kontekste [Russian Literature of 20th–21st Century]. Tambov, Publishing House of Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin, 2017, pp. 170-188. (In Russian). 4. Kolchanov V.V. «Tambov na karte general'noy…»: satiricheskaya povest' M.A. Bulgakova «Rokovye yaytsa» i «kurinaya istoriya», v sem grade sluchivshayasya, a takzhe v stolitse i gosudarstve, do i posle togo [“Tambov on the general chart…”: satirical novel of M.A. Bulgakov “The Fatal Eggs” and “chicken story” happened in that town and also in the capital and state, before and after that ]. Filologicheskaya regionalistika – Philological Regional Science, 2018, no. 1-2. (In Russian). 5. Sisikin V. Dionisov master [Dionysus’s master]. Pod’em [Rise], 1989, no. 3. (In Russian). 6. Bely A. Moskva [Moscow]. Moscow, Sovetskaya Rossiya Publ., 1989. (In Russian). 7. Savin I. Tragediya kombriga Kolesova [Tradegy of the brigade commander Kolesov]. (In Russian). Available at: (accessed 06.10.2017). 8. Kolchanov V.V. Mezhdu misteriey i buff: povest' M.A. Bulgakova «Rokovye yaytsa» v svete teatral'nykh modernistskikh zhanrov pervoy treti XX v. [Miracle-play and comic play: novella by M.A. Bulgakov “The Fatal Eggs” from the point of theatre modernist genres of the first third of 19th century]. Vestnik Tambovskogo universiteta. Seriya Filologicheskie nauki i kulturologiya – Tambov University Review. Series Philology and Culturology, 2016, no. 2 (6), pp. 53-65. (In Russian). 9. Seyers M., Kan A. Taynaya voyna protiv Sovetskoy Rossii [Secret war against Soviet Russia]. (In Russian). Available at: majkl-sejers-alebert-kan-tajnaya-vojna-protiv-sovetskoj-rossii/pg-13.html (accessed 06.10.2017). 10. Skorospelova E.B. M.A. Bulgakov. Istoriya russkoy literatury XX veka (20–90-e gody). Osnovnye imena [M.A. Bulgakov. History of Russian Literature of 20th Century (20s–90s). Main names]. Moscow, Publ. Department of Philological Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University, 1998. (In Russian).



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