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Review of the monograph by О.V. Lebedeva “English Short Story: History and Present Time” (Veliky Novgorod: Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University Publ., 2016. 158 p.)


An analytical review of the monograph devoted to the actual problem of genre formation and genre poetics is presented. This problem is considered in the monograph on the material of the English novel, its origin and historical evolution from the 14th to the early 21st century. The relevance and theoretical significance of the scientific results presented in the book under review is substantiated. The specifics of the present stage in the development of literary criticism are shown, which consists in exacerbating the scientific interest in the “pulsation” of artistic ideas, variations in genres and genre interactions. The novelty of the observations and conclusions about the ways of the translation of tradition and the features of its reception at different stages of the development of artistic consciousness are noted in the monograph. The significance and scientific prospects of the contribution of the author of the monograph to the study of the historical poetics of the English novel have been confirmed.


artistic paradigm; English short story; genre processes; historical poetics

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1. Lebedeva О.V. Angliyskaya novella: istoriya i sovremennost' [English Short Story: History and Present Time]. Veliky Novgorod, Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University Publ., 2016. 158 p. (In Russian).



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