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“Aleksandr Semenovich Rokk”: chief commander of the Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army S.S. Kamenev and his surroundings in the novel by M. Bulgakov “The Fatal Eggs”


The historical and political prototypes are the material for the creation of bright and memorable images in the novel by M.A. Bulgakov “Fatal eggs” are described: A.S. Rokk (chief commander of the Workers' And Peasants' Red Army S.S. Kamenev), Polaitis (Marshal M.N. Tukhachevsky), Shchukin (A.I. Egorov), “red-moustached driver” (a talented scientist-inventor, engineer of III rank P.K. Oshchepkov). We determine theatrical and genre sources that influenced the creation of images: mystery, farce, buffo, pantomime. The text satirical and grotesque nature the is investigated. In the framework of the farce and buffo the First Moscow process where the prototypes are is considered. The composition and genre issues are touched upon, the problem of attribution of the story is raised. To the source base of the work are added: occult novel by A. Crowley “Moonchild”, stories by A. Schnitzler “Rock”, U. Allen “Fatal Experience”, R. Market “Invention of Professor Carter”, R. Presber “Last Feast of the Last of Birkovich”, B. Lavrenev “The Child Gregory”. References to the iconic systems of the Egyptian “Book of the Dead” and the collection of Arab fairy tales “One Thousand and One Nights” are used.


mystery; mistification; buffo; farce; narration; grotesque; S.S. Kamenev; M.N. Tukhachevskiy; A.I. Egorov; I.V. Stalin

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