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Chinese cinematography in Russia in the context of “One Belt, One Road” initiative


In this study we consider Chinese cinema in Russia distribution condition. It is proved that a serious stimulus for the development of cinematography in the People's Republic of China was a rational combination of commercial tools in the production of films with the solution of serious image problems for China, that modern Chinese cinematography has acquired another extremely important load – it has become an important media instrument of “soft power” for the dissemination abroad of information about Chinese culture, history and politics, as well as for the formation of a positive image of China, creating a trust relationship to Chinese civilization and nation. For Russia, as a country located along the “One Belt, One Road”, cooperation with China is especially valuable. The study substantiates that the interaction of the two countries in the field of cinematography is one of the main components of maintaining good – neighborly relations. It has been established during the conducted study that Chinese films actively participate in the international film festival in Russia, winning various awards, since February 1935, when at the First Moscow International Film Festival (or the Soviet Film Festival in Moscow) the social drama “Song of the Fishermen” directed by Cai Chusheng received an incentive prize of the festival jury. It was the first international prize in the history of Chinese cinema.


cinematography; “One Belt, One Road”; Russia; China

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