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Genre specificity of the novella “The Pass” by V. Astafyev


We describe the genre specificity of the V. Astafyev’s novella “The Pass”. We substantiate the originality of the genre and style system of the author’s world outlook. We focus on prov-ing the idea of the synthetic nature of the “The Pass” genre. The need for such research is primarily due to the continuing interest in the unique work of V. Astafyev, both from critics and literature studies scholars, and from society. On the example of the writer’s first serious work, we clarify the initial artistic level and the idea of his creations. We attempt to reveal the phenomenon of genre polyphony of the writer’s works, and in particular the novella “The Pass” through the study of the works of critics and and literature studies scholars, whose works are devoted to the work of V. Astafyev, as well as through an appeal to the prose of other Russian and foreign authors. By studying the works of critics and literary critics, whose works were devoted to the work of V. Astafyev, an attempt is made to reveal the phenomenon of genre polyphony of the writer's works. We emphasize and analyze the elements typical for autobiographical novella, educational and social novels, we consider their interaction and synthesis. Actualization of traditional plot schemes typical of “frontier literature” is revealed for the first time. We reveal and discusss the important for the writer theme in novella of “exploitation of Siberia” and the ensuing historical and social phenomena. On the example of moral and ethical problems we can trace the conceptual polemic of V. Astafyev with foreign authors.


genre specificity; genre synthesis; autobiographical novella; educational novel; social novel; “frontier literature”; art schemes

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