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The role of Seminary in the Tambov Governorate social life (1867–1884s)


The Seminary influence on the governorate social life development was an integral part of social processes in the period of 1867–1884, which formed the prototype of the modern education practice. Identification of the Seminary role in the Tambov Governorate social life of the 19th century is a research component of this study, which affects the knowledge of the spiritual and moral education of society current state. Manuscript drafting source was the archival data of Tambov eparchy clergy activities of the late 19th century, the periodical press data of the same period. We interpret the obtained sources in the logic of the general civilized approach to the study of Seminary as an institution of social life characterized by regional aspects. Studies of the role of Seminary in social life have shown the sequence of its formation and development, its further socialization in the social life of the governorate. Special importance is attached to the Tambov Seminary in the years of transformations. Spiritual and moral influence of the Seminary on contemporaries, its increasingly active participation in the public life of the city, the change of its moral appearance contributed to the increase in the authority (role) of the Seminary in the social life of the Tambov Governorate.


Seminary; social life; Tambov Governorate; eparchial congress

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