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Perception of Russia’s image in China in the context of “One Belt and One Road”


We prove that the positive perception of Russia’s image in China is strengthened in the context of the creation of global transport and investment infrastructure “One Belt and One Road”, which expands the China-Russian relations, strengthens a propitious atmosphere for the economic development of two countries. We propose an attempt to study the reasons for the spread and strengthening in modern China of a positive image of “Russia” with a rich educational image, natural resources and cultural traditions, which for many years was perceived by the Chinese as a country of balalaikas, bears and vodka. We substantiate that the Russia’s image in China is built on the basis of acquaintance with the traditions of national culture and everyday culture. We note that a special role in understanding the image of the country is played by the cultural and linguistic stereotype, which is formed on the basis of the proper name, which contains an evaluative and associative component. We emphasize that the phenomenon of the anthroponym allows us to identify its pragmatic feature, which helps to clarify the subjective perception of a certain person by a native Chinese speaker, and the cultural properties of the proper name.


Russia’s image; “One Belt and One Road”; China-Russia relations; culture

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