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The limits of application of discrediting speech strategy concept in lingvo-expert practice


The subject of the study is the possibility, feasibility and admissibility of the concept of discrediting speech strategy in the process of carrying out the activities of experts and specialists in the field of forensic linguistic expertise. The relevance of the analysis is due to the existence of a tendency to introduce the concepts of discrediting and the discrediting speech strategy into the norms of the current legislation and (or) the practice of forensic linguistic expertise. In the course of the study, significant features of this speech strategy were identified, and judgment about the relevance of both the concept of a discrediting speech strategy in general and its main tactics for solving a limited range of expert tasks related to identifying signs of humiliation of honor and dig-nity, defamation of business reputation of physical person and (or) legal person, insulting and slander were made and justified (only in cases, when in the disputed text negative information, ex-pressed in the form of an assertion (verifiable) in relation to these persons was identified). An ex-ample of an incorrect appeal to the conceptual framework of the discrediting speech strategy in forensic research conducted for the case of protecting the business reputation of a legal entity was analyzed in detail. Based on the results of the study described in the article, restrictions arising from the nature of forensic activities in the use of the concept of discrediting speech strategy, which are not typical for research activities, were established.


linguistic expertise, discrediting strategy, defamatory information, linguistic means, form of speech, statement of facts, opinion, limits of competence

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