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The category of “economic security” revealing its legal nature and content is studied. The analysis is built through a consideration of economic security as an object of legal regulation, its link with security and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the state, society and the individual in the economic sphere from internal and external threats and hazards, ensuring a stable and favourable development of the economy. At the same time the characteristic of the main normative legal acts affecting the legal policy of ensuring economic security is given. Critical analysis of strategic documents of the Russian Federation in the sphere of national and economic security from the point of view of consistency and completeness of legal action is made. Based on the analysis of policy documents the following areas of legal support of economic security are identified: improving access to justice and procedural framework for the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the state, society and the individual in the economic sphere, the development of conditions for entrepreneurial activities, improvement of normative-legal regulation in the sphere of protection of competition, implementation of new approaches in the implementation of state control (supervision), the stability of the tax and legal systems aimed at protection of the state, society and individual in the sphere of private law regulation. In conclusion, it is proposed to develop a legislative work plan and to monitor the enforcement on the basis of correlation of the provisions of the National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation and Strategy of Economic Security of the Russian Federation for the period until 2030 in terms of specificity and detail of measures on legal economic security.


economic security; national security; legal economic security ensuring; economic security strategy; challenges and threats to economic security

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1. Fomina Zh.S., Gutorov N.A. Problemy obespecheniya ekonomicheskoy bezopasnosti v Rossiyskoy Federatsii [The problems of guaranteeing an economic security in the Russian Federation]. Nauchnyy vestnik Volgogradskogo filiala RANKHiGS. Seriya: Yurisprudentsiya [Scientific Bulletin of the Volgograd Branch of RANEPA. Series: Law], 2015, no. 1, pp. 122-126. (In Russian). 2. Abalkin L.I. Ekonomicheskaya bezopasnost' Rossii: ugrozy i ikh otrazhenie [Economic security of Russia: threats and their reflection]. Voprosy ekonomiki [Issues of Economics], 1994, no. 3, pp. 14-18. (In Russian). 3. Zlobin V.V. Subektivnoe grazhdanskoe pravo i ekonomicheskaya bezopasnost' chastnykh predprinimateley: avtoref. dis. … kand. yurid. nauk [Subjective Civil Law and Economic Security of Private Entrepreneurs. Cand. jurid. sci. diss. abstr.]. Moscow, 2003, 23 p. (In Russian). 4. Bogomolov V.A. (ed.). Ekonomicheskaya bezopasnost' [Economic Security]. Moscow, YUNITI-DATA Publ., 2009, 295 p. (In Russian).



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National security

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