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FEATURES OF official malfeasance INVESTIGATION


The peculiarities of official malfeasance investigation are considered. The object of the research is scientific and educational literature, materials of investigation and judicial practice. The subject of the research is theoretical concepts of legal scholars on this topic. The following results of the research are obtained: 1) problematic aspects in official malfeasance investigation are revealed, investigative actions, necessary for official malfeasance investigation, are considered; 2) application features of investigative actions in malfeasance investigation are analysed. Not only features of investigation of official crimes are noted, but also the issue of arbitrariness of the officials is considered and their impact on public administration and submitted decisions on various issues are studied as well.


abuse of power; corruption; forgery; official crime

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1. Kryukov V.V. Metodika rassledovaniya dolzhnostnykh prestupleniy korruptsionnoy napravlennosti: dis. … kand. yurid. nauk [Methods of Investigation of Official Malfeasance with a Corruption Orientation. Cand. jurid. sci. diss.]. Chelyabinsk, 2011. (In Russian).



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Procedural law

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