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Legal regulation of transport branch: questions of judicial protection in cases of the competition of claims


The analysis of the problems arising in the implementation of the subjects of transport legal relations of the right to judicial protection. It is noted that the difficulty in choosing the appropriate method of protection of civil rights is due to the variety of types of claim. It, in turn, leads to one of current problems of civil procedural law, namely the competition of claims. Ambiguity in determination of essence of the analyzed legal phenomenon and finding of ways of his permission demonstrate relevance of a case in point. The aim of the study was to form a holistic view of the features of the competition claims in the transport sphere of legal regulation. A comprehensive and complex theoretical and practical study of this topic was carried out in the application of general scientific (logical (induction, deduction, the analysis and synthesis), system and functional) and private-law (historical and legal, legalistic, comparative and legal) methods. On the basis of the conducted research it is stated that the court practice confirms the existence of competition of claims as a phenomenon of civil process. The idea that neither in the legal doctrine, nor in law enforcement activity there is no constructive solution of this problem is caused. Therefore proceeding from the received results of scientific work, the author comes to a conclusion about need of development of the procedural mechanism of permission of the competition of claims for implementation of effective judicial protection of the violated the rights and legitimate interests.


civil process; competition of claims; protection of the disputable subjective rights or legitimate interests; transport branch; legal regulation

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