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Rights realization problems of the patients with oncopathology to palliative care


We investigate the problem of legal support rights realization problems of the patients with oncopathology to palliative care. Palliative care in the legislation is defined as a set of medical interventions aimed at relieving from pain and other severe manifestations of the disease in order to improve the life quality of terminally ill citizens. The choice of the category of patients is due to the fact that malignant neoplasms are one of the main causes of death worldwide, they are the second cause of death in the Russian Federation. We analyze the current regulatory framework governing the provision of palliative care for cancer, establishing the rights of patients; were define the main problems of legislation implementation in this area, more specifically: the problems of staffing offices, departments and centers of palliative care, the need to create such a specialty as a doctor for palliative care, the problem of registration of obtaining narcotic analgesics for patients with oncological diseases and reporting on their use, the lack of specialized knowledge of doctors about schemes of anesthetization, the lack of information about routing in obtaining palliative care and information about the rights of patients.


patient rights; patient with cancer pathology; protection of patient rights; legal support; palliative care; health care principles

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