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Influence of enforcement proceedings on the state of legal order in the country


We investigate the questions of the qualitative impact of enforcement proceedings on the state of the legal order in the country. Also we provide the statistical data on the state of the legal order in the Russian Federation and the relevant conclusions about the impact of the detected crimes on the perception of this order by citizens. The ineffectiveness of the policy in the sphere of stabilization and reduction of the number of offenses in the country was noted. It is concluded that a significant distortion of human and legal values in the Russian society, including due to non-compliance with legal principles by the authorities. Special attention is paid to the existing interaction of the principle of humanism with the person who committed the crime. We substantiate the harmful influence of certain mass media on citizens due to incorrect and sometimes frankly false legal education. Special attention is paid to the reasons for the incompleteness of the reform of the penal system of the country. The current issues in the activities of corrections facilities are considered. The position that without effective institutions and bodies executing court decisions, it is impossible to properly counteract crime and ensure the desired public order is justified.


enforcement proceedings; policy of law; law-making; legal regulation; legal responsibility; law enforcement; execution of the punishment; legal definiteness; consistency of law

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