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Problems of theory and practice of governmental protection of rights and interests of minors


We analyze normative documents of the Russian Federation, regulating the protection of the rights and interests of a minor, allowed to form some problems of his proper legal protection. In particular, we are talking about the presence of shortcomings inherent in the domestic criminal legislation, which, of course, generates further problems of law enforcement. Attention is focused on some, in our opinion, significant shortcomings, indicating the inconsistency of the essence and content of the normative provisions of modern directions of criminal law policy in terms of protection of minors from the most common socially dangerous attacks at the present time. Special attention is paid to the effectiveness of national mechanisms to ensure and protect the rights and interests of children through the implementation of national programs and projects. The plan of the main activities up to 2020, carried out within the framework of the Decade of childhood, presented for analysis, focuses on the neutralization of social and domestic problems. The complex of diverse measures has been developed and approved taking into account modern requirements to the process of full socialization of a teenager in the family, society and the state. However, against the background of the progressing unfavorable trends in the state program, the need to focus on the mechanism of prevention and combating criminal threats, the victims of which are children, is completely ignored. In this connection, it is concluded that it is necessary to improve the legislation acting as the basis of social and criminal policy for the protection of children.


exploitation of minors; child abduction; child pornography; prevention; counteraction

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