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The development of modern Russian criminal anti-corruption legislation


We consider development of modern criminal legislation features in the anti-corruption sphere. The urgency of the fight against corruption in the Russian Federation and the difficulties standing in its way are emphasized. Noted the specificity of the Russian legislation in the anti-corruption sphere, which consists in the fact that the modern Russian criminal law mechanism of combating corruption is firmly based on international legal acts. The main stages of development and formation of modern anti-corruption legislation, its connection with international law are considered. The role of legal norms in strengthening the security of the state, increasing its authority in the world is revealed. A large number of sources of corruption law are analyzed, including the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Federal laws, the Decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation. Changes made to the legislation in different years concerned the subject structure, the minimum size of a bribe, nature of commission of crime, etc. In the course of the analysis of anti-corruption norms of criminal law traced their relationship with the non-criminal legislation in force in this area, noted their mutual influence. It is concluded that the current anti-corruption criminal legislation has been formed in the Russian Federation, but the process of its development due to the ongoing socio-economic transformations of society is not completed. The necessity of an effective legal mechanism regulating public relations arising in the case of a corruption-related crime is noted.


corruption; criminal law; law; decree

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1. Avdeyev V.A. Natsional’naya ugolovno-pravovaya politika v sfere protivodeystviya prestupnosti [National criminal and legal policy in the sphere of counteraction of crime]. Kriminologicheskiy zhurnal Baykal’skogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta ekonomiki i prava – Criminology Journal of Baikal National University of Economics and Law, 2012, no 4, pp. 21-28. (In Russian). 2. Esakov G.A., Dolotov R.O., Filatova M.A., Redchits M.A., Stepanov P.P., Tsay K.A. Ugolovnaya politika: dorozhnaya karta (2017–2025 gg.) [Criminal Policy: Road Map (2017–2025)]. Moscow, Center for Strategic Development Publ., 2017. (In Russian).



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