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Criminological aspects of the prevention of crimes committed by persons with negative changes in mental activity


We examine the question of prevention of crimes committed by persons with negative changes in the psyche. The relevance of the topic is confirmed by the fact that in modern conditions, preventive activities against crimes of persons with mental disabilities has acquired high importance and has become the main concept of general and forensic psychiatry, but the lack of scientific research on the prevention of crimes committed by persons with mental disorders, has a negative impact on the fight against crime. The effectiveness of the fight against crime largely depends on organizational and methodological prerequisites. Prevention of crimes committed by persons with negative changes in mental activity has an integrative nature and is possible only with the comprehensive development of tactical methods of preventive measures, criminological methods of prevention of crimes committed by persons and the development on this basis of practical recommendations to improve preventive activities. Prevention consists of two main areas: socially oriented and biologically based measures. We propose to emphasize the special field of prophylaxis and prevention measures against crimes – socio-psychiatric prophylaxis, justifying it by the fact, that prophylaxis is a complex measure. We draw a conclusion that it is possible to ensure sustainable and effective preventive work only with the coordinated mutual work of doctors and law enforcement officers, first of all, the internal affairs bodies, as well as social workers.


psychological diseases; criminogenic factors; justice; law; draft law

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