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The concept and legal essence of the contract for the provision of legal services: theoretical and legal, legislative and law-enforcement aspects


The relevance of the topic is due to the relevance of the contract on the provision of legal services in the modern civil turnover, on the one hand, and the lack of common approaches to understanding the legal essence of the said contract in the doctrine of civil law – on the other. The study deals with the problem of defining the concept of a contract for the provision of legal services. Analyzed number of definitions proposed by modern representatives of civil science. It is concluded that the legal nature of the contract for the provision of legal services is ambiguous. It considers the basic approaches to its understanding and qualifications as the agreement of chargeable rendering of services agency contract, mixed contract, etc. In a particular situation, the choice of contractual design, as a rule, is due to a set of services, actual and legal actions, dictated by the goal that the parties to the relationship seek to achieve. The versatile design of the agreement of paid rendering of services and the effective mechanism of protection of the rights of the applicant, as the weaknesses of the commitments were the main reasons are the most widespread of the agreement in practice. However, it is concluded that the restriction of contractual forms of legal services only by the specified design is unacceptable, since it can lead to a wrong understanding of the legal nature of the relations in question and difficulties in practice associated with the conclusion and execution of contracts.


legal services; contract on rendering of legal services; contract of paid rendering of services; the mixed contract

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