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Cybercrime as a threat to international security


With the advent of the first computer, human life changed forever. Virtual space has become an integral part of our lives. However, crime has evolved, a new specific species has emerged called cybercrime. In this study, we consider the features of a new type of crime. The history of the first criminal acts, the formation of the concept of cybercrime and its subsequent development are shown. Despite the rapid popularity among criminal circles, there is no clearly defined and generally accepted concept of cybercrime in science. These acts are characterized by very specific features. This encourages considering cybercrimes as not quite the standard of a crime. The classification and the main threats generated by these criminal acts are shown. The legislation of Russia and foreign countries is considered. In Russia, as in some foreign countries, the main focus is on fixing the responsibility for this act in the Criminal Code. At the same time, it should be noted that the states react rather quickly to the emergence of new threats and try to form relevant legislation. Identified and justified the problem of disclosure of cybercrime. These crimes are very relevant threats to human security, society and the state. Cybercrime is not only a national and regional threat, but also a threat to international security.


cybercrime; cyber terrorism; cyberspace; information security

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National security

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