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Comparative legal analysis of legal status models of state and municipal employee


The relevance of this study is due to the great importance of the institution of state and municipal service in ensuring the tasks and functions of the state. The legal status of state and municipal employees is being permanently reformed. The next stage of reforms is associated with the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation made in 2020, which also affected the requirements for persons employed in the public service. In addition, the appearance in the Constitution of the term “public authority”, which includes not only state power, but also local self-government, largely predetermined the unification of requirements for persons employed in state and municipal service. The constitutional changes led to the reform of legislation in this area. We conclude about the importance of comparative legal research for the scientific substantiation of ongoing legislative reforms. The comparative legal method of research allows us to single out the general, special and singular in the development of normative regulation of the legal status of state and municipal employees in various legal families and systems of our time. Based on the analysis carried out, we determine the similarity in the structure of the legal status of state and municipal employees in Russia and foreign countries. At the same time, attention is drawn to the fact that the range of civil service positions in the Russian Federation is narrower than abroad. We forecast the ways of development of domestic legislation in this area.


legal status, state employee, municipal employee, public authority, public service positions, rights, obligations, responsibilities, guarantees, restrictions

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General theory and history of law and the state

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