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Financial security as one of the elements in Russian national security system


We consider the legal characteristics of financial security. We point out that financial security is one of the components of Russia’s national security. We list internal and external factors that hinder the realization of national interests, including in terms of ensuring financial security. We take into account the provisions of the new National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation, which has recently come into force. In addition, the work shows the correlation between financial security and information security in terms of the dependence of modern financial institutions and instruments on the information and telecommunications component. Purpose of the study: conducting an etymological, doctrinal and legal analysis of such categories as security, information, financial security, as well as formulating the author’s definitions of the studied concepts. The methodological basis of work is based on such methods as the linguistic method, comparison method, method of complex analysis, as well as a number of special methods of scientific cognition: historical, linguistic, comparative legal, formal legal. At the end of research, we conclude that financial security occupies an important place in the overall system of national security, and provides benchmarks for achieving it.


information, security, financial security, information security, protection, doctrine, law

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National security

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