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Effectiveness comparison of laser coagulation in diabetic retinopathy different methods


Laser coagulation is the method of choice in the diabetic retinopathy treatment. Aim of the study. In this study we compare the methods of classical and pattern laser coagulation in diabetic retinopathy treatment. Materials and methods. We carry out a retrospective analysis of the results of various methods of diabetic retinopathy patients laser treatment, using in the first group the laser IRIDEX Oculight GLx (IRIS Medical) – wavelength 532 nm, in the second group the pattern laser Rascal (Optimal) – wavelength 532 nm. The laser coagulation effectiveness was evaluated by the duration, number and need for additional stages of laser coagulation, the treatment tolerability by patients. We also assessed the impact of laser energy parameters on the eye retina. Results and discussion. Statically confirmed lower energy impact on the eye retina, reducing the number of sessions and treatment time with better tolerability of patients and reduction of additional laser coagulation sessions in the second group, in comparison with the first group, with the same effectiveness of diabetic retinopathy treatment in groups. Conclusion. The method of pattern laser coagulation with the same efficiency as the classical one allows to obtain good results in the diabetic retinopathy treatment with the least damage to the eye retina and greater comfort for the patient.


ophthalmology; laser coagulation; diabetic retinopathy; eye retina

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Clinical medicine

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