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Safety use of high doses of statins in nephrology


Hyperlipidemia is a frequent companion to kidney disease, in some cases even reflecting the degree of activity of the renal process. Unfortunately, almost always the presence of lipid metabolism disorders of the renal patient impairs the prognosis both due to the acceleration of nephrosclerosis and due to the acceleration of atherosclerosis and the development of cardiovascular complications. On the basis of this, the article considers unique issues of statins administration in clinical practice of cardiologists and nephrologists, allowing to make a conclusion on efficiency in administration of high doses. We give dosages of drugs from the group of statins most frequently prescribed in the practice of a cardiologist, indicate modern aspects of treatment with statins, as well as side effects arising when administering this group of drugs, give data on statins assignment depending on values of tangle filtration rate (TFR) and analyze the results of randomized studies of JUPITER, PROVE-IT-TIMI, SPARCL, CNODES, allowing to conclude on possibilities of using different doses of statins in clinical practice. We also give recommendations for further administration of high doses of statins in treatment of dyslipidemias and give data on the change in the levels of low density lipoproteins (LDL) and high density lipoproteins (HDL) in the administration of statins


nephrology, statins, hypolipidemic therapy, safety of application

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Clinical medicine

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