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Comparative assessment of efficiency of various methods of occupational oral hygiene


Introduction. Modern treatment of inflammatory diseases of parodon tissues implies consistency throughout the treatment. Initially, much depends on a high-quality procedure for the removal of dental deposits with further polishing of the tooth root surface. At the moment, doctors use a variety of methods to remove dental deposits in their daily practice. Most authors in their research describe only the advantages and disadvantages of removal of dental deposits, only slipping on the impact of these methods on the condition of hard tissues of the tooth, often these data are contradictory. The purpose of this study is to compare the effectiveness of various occupational oral hygiene methods. Materials and methods. We selected 30 patients suffering from moderate chronic generalized periodontitis between the ages of 20 and 50 to determine the test groups. We used the Cam Scan (REM) raster electron microscope to evaluate the treated surface of the tooth root cement and enamel. We assessed individual oral hygiene level and periodontal tissue condition using hygienic indices such as: OHI-S, API, PHP, hemorrhage index, PI. Results of a research. Objectively, among all patients cyanotic gums and gum edges dominated, mobility is absent, bleeding, loose gum consistency, the presence of paradoxontal pockets and serous-purulent exudate. Practically complete removal of dental deposits from the root cement and in the neck region of the tooth enamel appear during treatment with a UT-scaler, in the area of the tooth neck there are different areas by the degree of roughness. Conclusions. After analyzing the data obtained from our study, we were able to determine the quality of various methods of dental sediment removal and the effect on the microstructure of enamel and cement of tooth root. There is the least effect on the microstructure of the cement of the tooth root by the operation of the scaler, qualitative removal of dental deposits was achieved with minimal influence on the microstructure of the cement of the root and enamel of the tooth.


paradontium; treatment of a periodontal disease; Gracie's currets; US-scaler; hygienic indexes; dental plaque; scale

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