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Development of jumping of volleyball players of VC “Tambov” in the preparatory period


Actions performed by volleyball players during playing and training activities include a large number of jumps, starts and accelerations that are performed from various starting positions. Therefore, modern volleyball implies the athlete to reach a new level of development of physical qualities, for which changes in training of volleyball players are necessary, which will be aimed at achieving maximum results in the game. The purpose of the study was to optimize the training process aimed at education of jumping in volleyball players. In the course of the study we solved the following tasks: 1) develop a classification of jumps, found in the game process of volleyball and to determine physical qualities on which the manifestation of jumping depends; 2) perform jumper testing; 3) on the basis of the obtained data to develop a methodology of education of jumping of volleyball players and during pedagogical experiment to check its effectiveness. The main methods of research were: analysis of scientific and methodological literature; pedagogical observation of performance of various jumps in conditions of competitions; questioning; testing of spring ability; pedagogical experiment; methods of mathematical statistics. We identified the most common types of jumping performed by volleyball players under playing conditions and tested at the beginning and end of the preparatory period. We focused the tests at measuring the jumper. After the first testing, based on the obtained data, we developed a method of education of jumping, based on classification of jumps and importance of physical qualities for its manifestation. The results of the second test revealed a reliable increase in all the proposed tests, and in the experimental group it is more pronounced, which indicates the effectiveness of the proposed methodology.


volleyball; physical training; spring ability; high-speed and power qualities; training process; results of a research

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Theory and methods of physical training

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