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Relapse of crime as a factor endangering the public and national security of Russian Federation on example of Tambov region


The concept of relapse as a kind of plurality of crimes, theoretical questions of the legal nature of the recurrence of crime, its causes and consequences, both in the framework of the Russian legislation, and on the example of foreign countries is considered. The significance of the «terrorist recurrence» of its danger to the state and society is disclosed. A comparison of the Russian criminal legislation against relapse criminal law of foreign countries is given. Statistics and indicators of repeated crime in the Tambov region are studied, which are threat factor in relation to national security and public safety. Proposals to improve the criminal and penal policy of the Russian Federation are formulated. It is concluded that, to prevent and suppress terrorist crimes relapse a closer inter-agency cooperation, state support, tightening liability for crimes related to terrorism and religious extremism are needed. Furthermore, carrying out work in correctional facilities for the preparation of a repeat offender convicted of liberation it is necessary to understand the particular importance of post-penitentiary rehabilitation of this category of persons.


terrorism; extremism; national security; public security; relapse; criminal responsibility; convict; legislation

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