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Creative human capital as driving force of modern economy


Unlike traditional approaches to the study of human capital as the main criterion for inclusion of labor abilities of the individual human capital the creativity as the main method of cognitive intellectual work aimed to perform valuable, original work and to develop in the individual cognitive abilities such as metaphorical thinking, synthesis, creative approach to problem solving and divergent thinking is offered. Continuously updating process of the individual tacit knowledge (experience, skill, culture, professional thinking, and intuition) acts as a key feature of human capital which is the result of the synthesis of genetic inheritance, education and life experience. Permanent updating process of tacit knowledge is a necessary condition of expanded reproduction of human capital. It is disclosed that under the conditions of post-industrialism individual human capital is a dynamic process of expanded reproduction, resulting in qualitative differences paradigmatic matrix of human capital in the post-industrial and industrial production methods.


human capital; creative work; post-industrial mode of production; intelligence; tacit knowledge.

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