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Discussion of M.P. Pogodin and M.A. Maksimovich about Varangian-Russian question


Varangian-Russian question is one of the most actual in the historical science. Its careful design becomes very important due to the rich historiography of the problem. In particular, the discussions of major historian-normanist of 19th century M.P. Pogodin, during which he made a number of significant concessions to opponents are significant. One of the little-known and attracted little attentions is its dispute with antinormanist M.A. Maksimovich. This article may to some extent fill this gap. It focused attention on the fact that the discussion was organized by Pogodin on pages of his magazine “Moskvityanin”. He provides a place to publish the answer of the opponent. This point should be considered as an important historiographical fact. The work summarizes the views Pogodin and Maksimovich on those aspects of Varangian-Russian question, on which their views diverged. This is the problem of the origin of the name “Rus” about the ethnic group of Varangians and Russian, about the interpretation of domestic and foreign information, covering the question, about linguistic material. In conclusion, it points the place of the discussion in the evolution of views Pogodin on Varangian problem.


M.P. Pogodin; M.A. Maksimovich; Varangian-Russian question; normanism

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History and political science

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