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Long-term effects of trauma and operational interventions for proximal femoral fractures


After surgery for proximal hip fractures, patient treatment takes long months. Given the features of the fracture, the age of the patient, the duration of treatment, the psychological state, as well as the presence of comorbidities, there is a problem of restoring limb function in the distant period after the injury. Aim: to analyze the long-term effects of osteosynthesis of proximal hip fractures in terms of limb function. Material and methods: we carried out assessment of presence of restriction of lower extremity function by analysis of expression of limitation of motion amplitude in hip joint of operated extremity and expression of post-traumatic hypotrophy of hip muscles. Results: we detected pronounced hypotrophy of the hip muscles in 19.7 % of cases, pronounced decrease in the amplitude of movements in the hip joint in 21 % of cases, in 3 % of cases hip ankylosis was formed. Conclusion. Based on the analysis, we can conclude that there is insufficient activation of patients after surgical treatment of proximal hip fractures, which can be associated with both objective and subjective causes.


proximal hip fractures; limb function; complications

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Clinical medicine

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