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Risk factors and features of stroke among young persons in urban and rural areas of the Tambov Region


Since 2011 according to the national project “Health” the Regional Vascular Center has been operating on the basis of the Tambov Regional Clinical Hospital. This is a ward for patients with acute cerebral circulation disorder. Since 2017 there has been an increase in patients due to an increase in the number of attached population to Tambov Regional Clinical Hospital and, accordingly, unfortunately, the mortality rate from acute cerebral circulation disorder has been increasing. Between 2016 and 2020, a study was conducted based on the follow-up of young patients with hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke. In the study we emphasized the research of regional features of the structure, causes, and risk factors of stroke in persons in the city of Tambov and the districts of the Tambov Region. We verified pathogenetic subtypes of stroke among young patients. We identified and considered main and concomitant factors determining stroke outcome, degree of neurological deficiency, and disabled patients. We identified the leading causes of stroke in persons, the main of which were: arterial hypertension, cardiac pathology, atherosclerosis.


young people; brain; stroke; risk factors; countryside

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Preventive medicine

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