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Study of some parameters of electrocardiography of skiers-riders


Very high results, the achievement of which is possible only with long systematic training with the use of large and sometimes excessive physical activity characterizes modern sports. The preparation process from beginner to master of sports takes an average of 5–10 years. During this time, the athlete must develop and improve special physical and mental qualities, as well as master certain motor skills specific to this sport. Therefore, children's and youth's organisms of athletes are subject to increased loads, especially in classes that develop endurance. But not always physical activity contributes to the strengthening of the body, sometimes excessive loads, especially with the wrong approach, lead to complications from the cardiovascular system, in particular, to changes in heart rate. Therefore, the issue of adapting the functions of the heart of young athletes to muscle loads becomes increasingly important. The purpose of the work was to study the activities of the cardiovascular system of skiers-riders in the preparatory period of the one-year cycle. Currently, various methods of functional diagnosis of the cardiovascular system are used. We considered the results obtained during electrocardiographic examination of skiers-riders. We investigated electrical activity of the heart and presented model characteristics according to the considered indicators.


electrocardiography; cardiovascular system; skiers-riders

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Theory and methods of physical training

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