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Development of new metal structure for osteosynthesis of femoral fractures


We presented the results of analysis of characteristics of osteosynthesis of femur model with improved metal structure. We carried out the analysis of the literature and a patent search on the subject of the study, created a layout of this design, a prototype and tested strength characteristics using a breaking machine. We carried out the work on a bovine femur preparation, performed taking into account the maximum correspondence of the studied human femur segment. We carried out load samples for fabricated steel structures, as well as for prototypes of this design in the form of samples for shear, angular displacement and rupture, while for each sample, performed 2 versions of the location of the steel structure relative to the fracture – perpendicular to the fracture line (angle 90º), as well as with a deviation in the range of 30º (75º–105º). We detected a statistically significant increase in the load values for the new advanced steel structure at a right angle of 41 % and a variation of 56 % during the analysis of the sample for rupture. Thus, when comparing the values of the load samples of the prototype and the manufactured metal structure, we revealed an increase in the indicators of the burst sample for the new metal structure which indicates the justification of its use in clinical practice.


traumatology; osteosynthesis; femoral fractures

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Clinical medicine

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