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Consolidation of femoral neck fractures depending on fracture type


We study the terms of the femoral neck fracture healing, depending on the type of fractures. Currently, the diagnosis of “hip fracture” occupies a significant place in the work of a trau-matologist, since this fracture tends to increase the frequency of cases, especially among people over 60 years old. This problem has long been one of the most urgent in traumatology and ortho-pedics, includes many facets, among which there is a high risk of complications during the opera-tion of these fractures among elderly and senile people, the growth of people at high risk of hip fracture due to osteoporotic changes in the composition of bone tissue. And one of the sides of this problem is the non-healing and the timing of the femoral neck fracture healing, due to its anatomical features. We present the results of studies conducted at the clinical bases of the Kotovsk City Clinical Hospital and Archbishop Luke Tambov City Clinical Hospital. Aim: to study the terms of the femoral neck fracture healing, depending on the type of fractures. Task: to conduct studies, observations, collect statistical data on the management of patients with femoral neck fracture and, based on the results obtained, to characterize and evaluate the terms of femoral neck fractures healing


femoral neck; healing terms; consolidation; osteosynthesis; femoral neck fracture

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Traumatology and orthopedics

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