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Features of hip fractures diagnostics among children (literature review)


We reviewed domestic and foreign scientific works published in public electronic specia-lized medical journals devoted to the study of the issues of diagnosing hip fractures of various localization among children. Over the past fifty years, the diagnostic capabilities in traumatology and orthopedics have expanded significantly. However, the child’s musculoskeletal system has many features due to the growth and development processes of the child’s body. In this regard, the course of various pathological processes and their clinical manifestations can have many variations. That is the reason that some clinical forms of femoral fracture among pediatric patients can still cause serious difficulties, which leads to diagnostic errors. We consider the clinical manifestations of possible forms of hip fractures among children, the currently relevant methods of instrumental research, such as radiography, computed tomography, ultrasonography and others methods that contribute to the diagnosis of these forms, as well as promising sector of diagnostic techniques development that in the near future can be able to significantly simplify the diagnosis, in particular, methods of computer modeling.


pediatric traumatology; hip; femur; fracture; diagnostics

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Series: Natural and Technical Sciences. 2014;19(6):1974-9. (In Russian).



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Traumatology and orthopedics

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