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Surgical treatment for chronic tendon injury of finger flexors


The purpose of the study: to improve the tactics of surgical treatment of chronic injuries of the flexor tendons of the hand. We analyze results of surgical treatment of long-standing injuries of the flexor tendons of the hand in 20 patients. Patients were examined clinically and X-rayed. The clinical study took into account the fingers anatomy, coarse skin scars in the area of the surgical suture, sensitivity, blood supply, grip strength and flexion-expansion function. The X-ray examination took into account the articular slit in the phalangeal joints, their congruence. We present an objective assessment of the results of surgical treatment of chronic tendon injuries of finger flexors, as well as developed practical recommendations for the surgical treatment of chronic tendon injuries of finger flexors. Conclusions. The results of treatment are directly dependent on the duration of damage exposure. The earlier surgery is performed from the moment of injury, the better the results of treatment. The choice of treatment tactics depends on the pyoinflammatory processes in the injury area, on the injury zone, the condition of the bone-fibrous channels and the individual characteristics of each patient. Patients with chronic tendon injuries in zones II and III and damage exposure for more than 80 days we recommend to perform two-stage tendon grafting. Rehabilitation should be started from the 2nd day of the postoperative period, after the relief of the pain syndrome.


tendon injury; primary suture; two stage flexor tendon reconstruction

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Clinical medicine

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