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Diagnostic radiology techniques of osteochondropathies


Osteochondropathies are degenerative and dystrophic diseases affecting various parts of the spongy bones. They are one of the most common diseases of the musculoskeletal system in children and adolescents, leading to disability in the absence of early diagnosis and timely treatment. Despite the fact that the etiology is currently insufficiently studied, there are many modern methods of diagnosing this pathology. Diagnostic radiology techniques are successfully used in modern medicine, but have both advantages and disadvantages. We review literature on radiology techniques for osteochondropathies diagnostic, such as radiography, ultrasound diagnostics, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography and some others. We analyze the results of the study of various researchers in this field and make the relevant conclusions. According to most researchers, the examination of patients with suspected osteochondropathy should begin with ultrasound examination. Osteodensitometry, perfusion magnetic resonance imaging, and pneumoarthrography can be used as auxiliary research methods in case of difficulties in making a diagnosis.


osteochondropathies; radiation diagnostic techniques; radiography; computed tomography; magnetic resonance imaging; ultrasound examination

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