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Management of patients with recurrent herpes at a dental appointment


Infectious diseases provoked by the herpes simplex virus are currently an important problem not only in general medicine, but also at the dentist's office. Herpes is in the second place among infectious human lesions, according to the World Health Organization, almost 90 % of the inhabitants of the planet are infected and are virus carriers. In these conditions, it is necessary to focus on the features of the correct tactics of managing patients with recurrent herpes at a dental appointment. Herpes has a complex clinical picture, which is difficult to monitor, so the doctor and medical staff need to resort to preventive methods in order not to harm the patient and not to get themselves infected. The research discusses the symptoms of recurrent herpes depending on the stage of the lesion and determines the correct treatment tactics for this pathology, in order to avoid the spread of infection and infection of the doctor, provides up-to-date information on the prevalence, methods of diagnosis and treatment of recurrent herpes. The relevance of the prevention of herpes simplex virus disease is increasing due to its ubiquitous spread, lifelong existence in the body of infected people, a significant variety of clinical manifestations of herpes infection, resistance to existing treatment methods. The current situation indicates the need for a differentiated approach to the assessment of the clinical components of the disease and the management of a patient with herpesvirus infection; it is relevant to determine the calculated coefficients and risk programs compiled on the basis of anamnestic and questionnaire data.


herpes; herpes simplex virus; recurrent herpes; dental appointment; management of patients

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Clinical medicine

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