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Regulation of Migration Flows and the Labor Market


In article authors considered questions of labor migration in the Russian Federation. They said about need to establish close ties between the countries, suppliers of migrants and consuming countries of migration labor and told about need to perfect abilities and methods of involvement of foreign labor and also about problems and threats ac-companying this phenomenon. Authors considered the migration legislation regulating questions of account and visa and allowing work with migrants. They considered these questions being guided by such laws as № 109-FL «About migration registration of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in the Russian Federation»; The Concept of the state migration policy approved till 2025 by the Russian President; law of 2006 № 109-FL «About migration registration of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in the Russian Federation»; new edition of the law of 25.07.2002 № 115-FL «About a legal status of foreign citizens». Besides in article authors raised the questions of economic and national security of the country, in the context of visa work and told about positive dynamics in the solution of tasks of improvement of the mechanism of implementation of work on the basis of patents. In article authors considered categories of citizens who have the right to carry out work on the basis of the work permit. The federal law № 115-FL «About a legal status of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation» regulates staying of such categories of citizens in the country. Authors designated legal mechanisms of visa work on issue of the work permit to highly qualified specialists (Aerospace Forces) and also execution of the invitation to entry into the Russian Federation, noted the priority of the direction on work with Aerospace Forces, considered the reasons of involvement of foreign workers at the Russian enterprises, such as shortage of working separate specialties and also unwillingness of local population to perform the offered work, highlighted questions of application of an information and analytical system the All-Russian base of vacancies «Work in Russia» which works at principles of the interstate Agreement on organized enrollment and involvement of citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan and also touched the issue of improvement of a regulatory framework that will allow to lower an illegal migration flow.


Labor migration, work permit, patent, highly qualified foreign specialist

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1. O migratsionnom uchete inostrannykh grazhdan i lits bez grazhdanstva v Rossijskoj Federatsii: Feder. zakon ot 18.06.2006 g. № 109-FZ [About migration registration of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in the Russian Federation: Federal law of 18.06.2006 № 109-FL] // Dostup iz spravochno-pravovoj sistemy «Konsul'tantPlyus» 2. O pravovom polozhenii inostrannykh grazhdan: Feder. zakon ot 25.07.2002 g. (redaktsiya ot 31.12.2017 g.) № 115-FZ [About legal status of foreign citizens: Federal law of 25.07.2002 (edition of 31.12.2017) № 115-FL] // Dostup iz spravochno-pravovoj sistemy «Konsul'tantPlyus» 3. Kontseptsiya gosudarstvennoj migratsionnoj politiki do 2025: utv. Prezidentom RF 12.06.2012 g. [The concept of the state migration policy till 2025: affirmed by the Russian President 12.06.2012] // Dostup iz spravochno-pravovoj sistemy «Konsul'tantPlyus» 4. Ofitsial'nyj sajt Upravleniya MVD Rossii po Lipetskoj oblasti [Official website of the Department of MIA of Russia for the Lipetsk region]. URL: https://48.mvd.rf 5. O ratifikatsii Soglasheniya mezhdu Pravitel'stvom Rossijskoj Federatsii i Pravitel'stvom Respubliki Uzbekistan ob organizovannom nabore i privlechenii grazhdan Respubliki Uzbekistan dlya osushchestvleniya vremennoj trudovoj deyatel'nosti na territorii Rossijskoj Federatsii: Feder. Zakon ot 5 dekabrya 2017 g. № 366-FZ [About ratification of the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan about an organized set and involvement of citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan for implementation of temporary work in the territory of the Russian Federation: Federal Law of December 5, 2017 № 366-FL] // Dostup iz spravochno-pravovoj sistemy «Konsul'tantPlyus»

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Regional economy development

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