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Investigation of the properties of ZnO thin films, grown on theporous Si substrates


On the obtained by the anodizing in a solution of the porous silicon substrates, by repeated centrifugation, decomposition drying and annealing the ZnO film samples were obtained. The technology for films producing were based on multiple coats of solutions of zinc acetate Zn(CH COO) ∙12H O in isopropyl alcohol and monoethanolamine and their subsequent thermal decomposition. Using X-ray energy dispersive analysis methods (EDAX), X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) the surface morphology, chemical and phase composition of ZnO thin films were investigated. Study of the current-voltage characteristics of the prepared heterostructure was carried out.


zinc oxide; porous silicon; thin film; light-emitting diodes; heterostructure

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