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Process of piggyback technology selection while using the analytic hierarchy


The organization of the transport infrastructure often occurs under conditions of uncertainty, that is, limited amount of information, a lot of different opinions, the lack of statistics, it is impossible to make an exact calculation and to evaluate the consequences of decisions, etc. The diversity of modern technology poses piggyback experts in the organization of production in the transport problem of multi-criteria selection. Often, decision-making in the organization of the elements of the transport infrastructure is not obvious, and may vary depending on environmental conditions and specific usage. Is discussed the use of the analytic hierarchy process in choosing piggyback terminal technology. Proposed a number of criteria, which the author arbitrarily divides into four blocks. Described the mechanism of influence of selected factors on the job piggyback terminal. After that, the author selects the most preferred embodiment of piggyback system jointly considered criteria. The calculations can be concluded that in an uncertain and poorly projected demand for piggyback, in terms of business strategy, high adaptability piggyback system is a great advantage.


piggyback; analytic hierarchy process; organization of transportations; transport infrastructure; transport terminal; rolling stock

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