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Modelling of physical processes drilling oil and gas wells in using ANSYS Fluent


The 3D-model of the cylindrical outer nozzle located in the flooded area at a distance of four diameters ranging from rock was built. Was imposed on the tetrahedral mesh filled with fluid space, as well as hexahedral mesh on part of the model that simulates the soil. Near the walls created by the boundary layer. As a result of the calculation was gotten a picture on the impact of the jet rock, like the effects of jet wash liquid to the bottom hole during drilling. The distributions of pressure, velocity vector, changing the volume fraction o the rocks and the depth of penetration of the jet were received.


ANSYS Fluent; washing liquid; submerged jet; numerical simulation; CFD calculations; ANSYS Fluent; two-phase medium; discontinuous phase

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004.942; 622.24




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