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“Professional aging” of metallurgists depending on experience and class conditions


It is shown, that the class of the working conditions at a metallurgical plant is a factor influencing the structural peerspider of working age and professional experience. This is manifested by the increase in the weight of up to 44.0 % of working aged up to 40 years, with little work experience and a decline in the proportion to 22.3 % of the middle and older age, with extensive professional experience in hazardous working conditions 3 class 3-4 degree. The most important this process is in the production of sheet rolling shop and oxygen converter shop, where 31.0 % of persons working in hazardous conditions 3 class 4 degree.


metallurgical production; class of working conditions; work experience; professional aging

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1. Malysheva E.V. Metod ocenki urovnja professional'nogo zdoro-v'ja lic jekstremal'nyh professij po biohimicheskim pokazateljam sljuny: informacionnoe pis'mo. Lipeck, 2009. 6 s. 2. Latyshevskaja N.I., Egorova A.M. Uslovija truda sovremennogo metallurgicheskogo proizvodstva // Okruzhajushhaja sreda i zdorov'e: materialy Vseros. nauch.-prakt. konf. molodyh uchenyh i specialistov». Suzdal', 2005. S. 223-224.



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