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Eyes methods of sample preparation for corneal scanning electron microscopy after the flap formation using femtosecond laser were studied in the experiment on human cadaver. Samples 1 and 2 groups were fixed in 4.0 % formaldehyde solution, 3 and 4 - in the Ito-Karnovsky reagent. The samples 2 and 4 were also dehydrated using alcohol battery and critical point drying. No artifacts were found in 1 and 3 groups of samples. In 2 group on the surface of corneal stroma was identified certain “crumbs-looking” material, in 4 group - were identified crystal-like structures with length up to 15 microns and 0.8 microns in wide.


scanning electron microscopy; cornea; corneal flap; femtosecond laser; femtoLASIK

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